Improve Your Relationship to Money

What Do You Believe?

  1. Money is the root of all evil.
  2. Money is essential for life
  3. Money is not at all important
  4. Money is a wonderful tool

Money is the root of all evil

Most people who feel this way base their feelings on what they believe the Bible says. The actual quote is here. Some of the greatest persons of the Bible were actually quite rich:

So, then, ask yourself what is the love of money? Seeking money for its own sake. What would you do with the money?

Money is essential for life

You must have money to purchase food, clothing, shelter, transportation.

Money is not at all important

Money is not the end of the pursuit, but the means to the end. Money is like oxygen. As long as there is enough, it is not even noticed. Only the lack of oxygen makes it important. Only the lack of money makes it important. Poor people can honestly believe that money will solve their problems. Rich people know better.

Money is a wonderful tool

Money enables a person to do things that are important. feed their family, feed a village, feed the world. Provide shelter for as many as you can afford. Money only makes a person capable of doing more of what they would have done anyway. Money flows in a channel as you give. There is a law of giving AND receiving. Decide that you will be better at both.

Stay tuned for practical ways to improve your money quotient.


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