What is the Master Key Experience?

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The #MasterKeyExperience occurs once a year. Previous students loved the course so much, that they provided scholarships for future classes. This instituted a Pay-It-Forward scholarship (BTW, didn’t you love that movie?).

This course changed the trajectory of my life forever and I’m grateful every day. Check it out. Nothing for sale, all done w/ scholarships. Enjoy! https://popsnpat.site/MKE

What exactly is the #MasterKeyExperience? It is a six-month personal discovery action course. Nobody will tell you it is easy, because there is hard mental labor involved. The good news is that each student receives a mentor (called a guide) whose job is to facilitate the student’s discovery. They encourage the student to find his or her own voice by developing a short (400-words or less) statement of their Definite Major Purpose (DMP) focused on two Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs).

Throughout the course, students engage in Mastermind Alliances with other students to mutually achieve their true desires. Nobody tells them what to think or what those desires should be. They learn HOW to think and find their own truth.

As of this writing, 184 people from 11 countries have been awarded scholarships. When the timer hits zero, scholarship applications will close.

Until then, you can go here and apply: Get MKMMA

Here is a list of the recipients: https://masterkeyexperience.com/mke-2019-pif-scholarship-recipients/

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