Week Two Master Key Adventure Continues

Although this blog is for the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, it occurs to me that other folks might drop by from time to time.  Just so everyone knows what we are doing, would it be OK with you if I provide some background?  We are on a journey to improve ourselves.  We are constructing ourselves from the inside out, based on concepts found in a book by Charles Haanel.  Actually the concepts are in several books:

We are in a six-month challenge to jump start our progress.  Here’s what we are doing each week:

  1. Daily read the assigned section of the Master Key System and do the associated exercises
  2. Daily read one scroll (see the Greatest Salesman for details) morning, noon and night (out loud at night).  Repeat for 30 days with each scroll before moving to the next
  3. Daily read an affirmation called the Blueprint Builder out loud
  4. Daily read our definite major purpose (DMP) out loud three times
  5. Sit perfectly still for 15 minutes daily
  6. Control your thoughts once you master the sitting
  7. Weekly blog and tweet about the experience
  8. Follow other members of the group on their blogs and tweets
  9. Other exercises as we progress

Staying 30 days with each of ten scrolls will take nearly a year to complete, meaning we will continue after the course finishes.  We will have only reached scroll six by the end of the course.

OK, here are my challenges this week:

  • Reading the DMP aloud while you are trying to completely revise it.
  • During the 15-minute sit being still in mind and body.

My main lesson is that being on a journey means that you haven’t yet arrived and that is OK.  When I first tried to sit still, I couldn’t do it for more than a few minutes at a time.  But continued practice helped me finally go the full 15 minutes.  The creation of the new me is definitely worth the effort to control my thoughts.  As long as you are making progress, you are on the journey.

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