Week 9 – A Flower Grows

Flower power was a phrase from my youth. Wow! Does the time fly when there is a holiday.  I had to restart my Mental Diet after a discussion with my son, who is a nurse. And I had successfully strung five days together. It wasn't his fault, though. I allowed myself to voice opinions and it just slipped out. Oh well, live and learn.

Brain Conditioning

We have tried to see things in the world within for nine weeks now, using various techniques. First we managed to sit still for 15 minutes. Then we quieted our mind (well, mostly). Then we began to work on both concentration and imaginations. This week we "see" a flower grow. First the seed, then the roots, then the stalk, then the bud and finally the flower. Here are some of the images I used for the exercise.




Other Blogs

“Every success has been accomplished by persistent concentration upon the object in view.”

Success.  That all-encompassing word that stirs in our hearts and minds.  It wakes us up in the morning.  It calls to us throughout the day.  “Here I am.  Come and get me.”

We have the opportunity, the privilege and the responsibility to make that “object in view” crystal clear.  We construct this object in our mind.  We must not be satisfied with some shoddy,...

Greg Amos

Scroll 2 in The Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino. See my last post to read it in its entirety.

Why is this so hard. Not like I have a reason to hate. But the programming of past disappointments, past hurts, past regret, past failings….. is just too much right now. I suppose that is why I really am needing this and struggling  with it.

This old blueprint that I really want to release is so deep and stuck inside me. I am struggling with it moment to ...

Wendy Roob

I feel like I am truly making the final leap that I have always wanted! I am finding joy in the challenges that life presents me. I am striving for love and trying harder to see myself through the eyes of others ! I am opening myself to the the comments and ridicule of others and with my shield I walk into battle with love as my weapon.


Zach Roetker

So many creative tasks that we all perform daily are first born in our imagination. We create recipes and cook tasty meals to nourish ourselves and our families. We maintain and repair gizmos and gadgets not of our making or design, but yet we have the wherewithal to provide vigilant stewardship. We devise plans to travel to cities and faraway places that we have never been, and we board massive vessels of the sea and glimmering metal giants of flight to embark on adventures at which ancient ...

William Knox

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