Week 8 – Battleship and Friends

We have an interesting set of exercises this week, involving TV, the internet, radio, battleships and friends.. 

No TV or Radio. No Unnecessary Internet

One exercise for this week was to stay off TV and radio completely and off the internet unless absolutely necessary. Since it is a course requirement to be in the MKMMA member's area and visit other blogs, most of us found that getting around to those tasks was much easier when we didn't have to contend with internet time-wasters. So, relatively simple challenge. Also, the need for visualization in the battleship challenge made some internet searches necessary. Again, no big problem with this. My wife and I had some movies that we wanted to watch, but we can easily postpone those to next week. Again, easy peasy.

Deconstructing the Battleship

The next challenge was an exercise in visualization. As a Red (see here for explanation), I am supposed to be a visual learner, but a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) my imaginator got broken. I am exercising it and bringing it back to health, but I needed a little help with this.

We are using our mental powers to deconstruct a battleship, which has the capability to launch an iron projectile at an enemy many miles away. It is an imposing sight to see.

Tomahawk launch

Battleship Firing a Tomahawk



Most of the time, however, the beast simply floats upon the water, seemingly tranquil.  Although apparently quiet, we know that there is much activity going on below the decks. The CIC, or Combat Information Center, is a hive of electrical activity, allowing the officers on board to have tactical awareness for miles around.  The crew of roughly 100 are highly qualified and ready to spring into action at a moments notice.

Before the battleship sailed the seas, it had to be launched at a port with a christening ceremony.

Launching a ship

half built ship

Constructing a Battleship

Before that, the ship had to be assembled from many pieces of steel. 

Before that, the steel had to be created from the molten metal at a foundry.


iron ore

iron mining

Before that, the ore had to be dug from the ground and transported from the quarry to the foundry.

another iron mine

battleship plans

All of that ore and steel would be useless unless an architect had determined how they would be used. The architect formed the image in his or her mind and then put it on paper so the engineers would have a roadmap to the finished ship.


But the architect could not have drawn the plans were it not for an order that came from the government to build the ship. Perhaps there were long debates before the funds were allocated.



Those congressmen and women were not there by chance. They had been elected by the voters, by you and me. So I start with a battleship and end up with me. Wow. What a journey.

And then there was another exercise.

My Friend and I

On Thursday I met with a friend of mine, the future me. He and I had a nice talk about how I got to be him, but that's a topic for another time. If you enjoyed this visual excursion, leave me a note below.

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