Week 2 – MKE – Refusal of the Call

How do you Recognize Refusal of the Call?

Week two is where the old blueprint is fighting for its life and some people find it is overwhelming. The old blueprint is desperate and attempts to get people to refuse the call to their best self. At first, resistance shows up in little ways

Refusal of the call manifests in several ways.

  • Complaining about the length of the Webinars.
  • Complaining about time the readings take 
  • Being bored about reading the same scroll over and ove.r
  • Not reading the Greatest Salesman three times a day ("This is silly. I know what it says now." "I can read much quicker if I don't read out loud.") 
  • Not reading the DMP out loud three times. (" I don't want to disturb my partner at night." "I don't want to disturb my coworkers at noon." "I don't want to wake everyone up in the morning.")
  • Not revising the DMP as suggested. ("What gives my guide the right to criticize my efforts?")
  • Avoiding communications with the guide.
  • Avoiding communications with other members.

How to Counteract Call Refusal

Ask yourself this question: What would be easier for me:

  • Dig in for six months and achieve my Personal Pivotal Needs, or
  • Give up and continue in the life I already have. The life that I wanted so desperately to change.

Use the tools to stay on track.

MKE Application

Stay connected to the members and your guide. You can do this!

  • Stay in the Alliances
  • Marco Polo
  • Telephone
  • Email

We have all experienced the downs. They are temporary.

Connect with someone you can trust.

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