Week 1 – Master Key Experience 2017

Wow! This is Fantastic!

I am a Master Guide with one amazing intern and ten members for which to care. Each life is precious and I have the awesome responsibility to guide without influencing them in what to think. It is humbling.  The only influence is to engage in the exercises. I encourage them to do these things:

  1. Read the Lesson for the week at least once a day.
  2. Read the Greatest Salesmen scroll for the month as directed.
    • Silently in the morning.
    • Silently after the midday meal
    • Out loud with enthusiasm prior to retiring for the evening
  3. Read the BluePrint Builder out loud at least once a day (twice a day for this week)
  4. Read their DMP out loud with gusto three times a day
  5. Sit silently and without external motion for 15-30 minutes each day
  6. Attend the weekly webinar

Starting next week, I will be doing a weekly tribe call over Zoom on Thursdays

Resistance is Futile

Most people entering this experience sincerely want to change their lives, but they find that the old blueprint (prior conditioning) seeks to sabotage their efforts. But it doesn’t have a chance with these overcomers. They know that actions arise from beliefs. They know that they can change their beliefs by charging thoughts with emotions. And they know they are free to choose those emotions.

We call the subconscious mind “Subby” and we laugh when Subby raises resistance. Because we know that Subby has no defense against the sound of our voice. We know that the constant repetition of our DMP with emotion carves new neural pathways which produce new actions and therefore, new results. Subby resists in several ways:

  1. Complaints about the amount of time required
    • “How do they expect me to have the time for this? I have …”
    • “The webinars are too long”
    • etc.
  2. Procrastination “I’ll do it when I have more time”
    • The truth is we never have more time
    • We all have sixty seconds each minute, sixty minutes each hour, and 24 hours each day
    • We make choices to spend our time
    • That could be an investment or a waste
  3. Confusion about the technology. “I’ll never get this”
    • Subby needs to be encouraged with positive statements “This is complicated, but I can do this”
    • The guides are there to help the individual work through their challenges

I ask God (the Universe, the Universal Mind, whatever term with which you are comfortable) for guidance to enable each member to grow into THEIR best self.

Thanks be, He loves each member even more than I do and He desires their highest and best.


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