Week 0 – Master Key Experience 2017

Brand New Experience

This is the start of something tremendous. We have (at last count) just under 500 scholarship recipients for this session. The comments in the member’s area have been amazing. And the best part for me (closet nerd that I am) is the new set of tools for the members.

The Master Key Companion

This is a helper app to keep people on track. It looks like this:

MasterKey Experience Companion

With this app, members can keep track of their progress, go directly to the members area, ask for help and review their progress in the course.

It is available for both Apple iPhone and Android phones.



The FREE Blog Site

At no cost, members can create their own blog site to keep up with the blogging requirement. They first register at https:trainingsolutionsllc.net and they see this.

  1. Create an account. The page goes blank after hitting the Submit button.
  2. Log in to the account just created.
  3. If you don’t remember the password, click the Forgot Password? link.
  4. FREE Blog site

The DMP Tool

To create their Definite Major Purpose (DMP), members have a tool at dmp.masterkeyexperience.com.

When they reach the site, they see this:

Login screen

When they begin to create their DMP, they see this:

Start DMP

Once they have created the DMP, their guide will review it and send the revision to them in the tool.

Then they can compare revisions all in one spot. No more lost email threads.

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