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MKMMA 2016 Week 13 – Induction

Inner Paradigm

Enter your text here…Induction is a Scientific Method of ThinkingIn Part 13, Haanel tells us about inductive reasoning, or Induction. He says it is why the dreams of the dreamers come true.  It explains the law of causation by which dreamers, authors, inventors and financiers bring about the realization of their desires. He emphasizes the […]

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MKMMA 2016 Week 10 – Cone You See It?

Imagination aid

Imagination Cone imagination. The first time I tried the visualization exercise, I absolutely could not see the lines, the circle, or the dot whether I had my eyes open or closed.  I wrote about it with (I thought) some humor. You may or may not agree. Then I tried this a second time through the course. […]

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