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2019 MKE – Lesson 25

friendly doctor

Healthy Wealthy and Wise Most people associate that phrase with Ben Franklin. He published it in Poor Richard’s Almanac as “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” in the 1735 edition. It turns out that he did not coin this phrase. No matter, it has earned the status […]

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2019 MKE Week 24

toy looking at dictionary

Similar Thoughts Haanel If you have practiced each of the exercises a few minutes every day, as suggested, you will have found that you can get out of life exactly what you wish by first putting into life that which you wish, and you will probably agree with the student who said: “The thought is […]

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2019 MKE Week Ten

We have seen that everything starts with a thought. Thought is the action of the mind. We have explored the working of the mind and worked to control it. First we sat perfectly still and let our mind wander wherever it would. Once we mastered the art of sitting physically still, we worked to still […]

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Week 23 – Practical Spirituality

Spirituality in a Globe

Is spirituality practical or mystical? Out author contends that it is intensely practical and cites an example from personal experience. What Is Spirituality?As opposed to materialism, spirituality is the recognition that “things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” That is, there is a real unseen world which we call the world […]

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Week 15 – Starting the Makeover

Cover image

Makeover Time The Franklin Makeover will carry us through the end of the course.  How does that work? Glad you asked.  We will be observing traits in ourselves or others that we would like to grow as part of our personality. Observing them means we are thinking of them and the Law of Growth states […]

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MKMMA 2016 Week 6 – Mechanism

The Mechanism Determines the ResultsThe effect of electricity depends upon the mechanism to which it is attached, says Haanel. In the same way, the effect of thought depends upon the mechanism to which it is attached. The first time I read this, I completely missed the meaning.  Haanel points out clearly in the preface to Part […]

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MKMMA Week 22 – Seeds and Harvests

Questions and Answers How may sickness be eliminated? = By placing ourselves in harmony with Natural Law which is Omnipotent. What is the process? = A realization that man is a spiritual being and that this spirit must necessarily be perfect. What is the result? = A conscious recognition of this perfection – first intellectually, […]

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