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2019 MKE Week 23

Bag of money

From Mr. Haanel In the part which I have the honor to transmit herewith you will find that money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence; that the law of success is service; that we get what we give, and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be […]

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MKMMA 2016 Week 16 – Periodicity and Kindness

Periodicity is Constant in the Universe.Periodicity is reflected in the earth orbit around the sun, causing seasons to repeat. The earth has had periods of heating and cooling as demonstrated in the geological record.  Individual lives experience “seasons” if you will. In the intro to Part 16, Haanel tells us about the Law of Sevens […]

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Bible Facts About Money

Bible talks about money

Money is NOT the Root of All Evil In a previous post, I challenged some limiting beliefs about money. This post will explore those in more depth. Don’t take my word for any of this; look it up yourself and convince yourself. Let’s examine the life of Jesus in more detail. Did you realize that […]

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Improve Your Relationship to Money

Stack of Money

What Do You Believe? Money is the root of all evil. Money is essential for life Money is not at all important Money is a wonderful tool Money is the root of all evil Most people who feel this way base their feelings on what they believe the Bible says. The actual quote is here. […]

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Network marketing and the employee mindset

Last time, we talked about the cash flow quadrant. Most of us learned how to be an employee through our formal education. Because of that, we often carry the employee mindset into network marketing. An employee needs direction. The employee is told what to do, when to do it, and how much they will be […]

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Leverage: The Key to Wealth

Leverage occurs when you have money working for you or people working for you. You begin your work life by trading your time and effort for money.  A part of all you earn is yours to keep.  If you set aside, say, ten percent of your income for future expansion, you begin to create wealth. […]

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Network Marketing 101 – Recognizing an Opportunity

How do you recognize a good opportunity? Is it based on the product? How about the compensation plan? Or maybe it is the company. Together these three are usually referred to as PPC or product, plan, company. Some people say that PPC is not important. I beg to differ. Let’s talk about the product. Just […]

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Network Marketing 101 – Getting Paid

When you work at a job, you perform your given tasks and get rewarded a week or two later. If you continue to perform, you continue to get rewarded. That is called linear income.  As long as you do the work, you get paid.  When you stop working, your pay also stops.  If you take […]

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Network Marketing 101 – Basic Concepts

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those that do network marketing for free Those who get paid to do network marketing Another word for network marketing is word of mouth advertising.  Have you ever recommended a book, restaurant, movie, resort or television show to a friend?  What was the result?  Let’s take […]

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