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2019 MKE – Week 14

The Road to Harmony Dictionary Definition It seems to be a good thing to begin the study of any topic with what the dictionary has to say. noun , plural har·mo·nies. agreement; accord; harmonious relations. a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity. Music. any simultaneous combination of tones. the simultaneous combination of tones, […]

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Week 15 – Starting the Makeover

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Makeover Time The Franklin Makeover will carry us through the end of the course.  How does that work? Glad you asked.  We will be observing traits in ourselves or others that we would like to grow as part of our personality. Observing them means we are thinking of them and the Law of Growth states […]

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Week 4 – A New Affirmation

The AffirmationI am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. I can say that with confidence, because it is true of the “I” of me. (What?) The “I” of me is not my body or my mind. It is my spirit. My spirit is connected with the Great Spirit. In fact, I and the Father […]

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MKMMA Week 14 – Wild Harmony

This post explores the components of persistence through the movie Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon. It also continues my journey with the Master Key Experience. In Part 14 of The Master Key System, Haanel reminds us that all thought is creative. That is, both positive and negative thought is creative. 26. But the thought must be […]

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What You Should Know at Christmas

First, let’s not worry about whether December 25 is the correct day to celebrate. That just does not matter. What does matter is that God became flesh and dwelt among us. What also matters is why He did that. In the Gospel of John is the answer (John1:9-14 and John 3:16). The Word became flesh […]

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Leverage: The Key to Wealth

Leverage occurs when you have money working for you or people working for you. You begin your work life by trading your time and effort for money.  A part of all you earn is yours to keep.  If you set aside, say, ten percent of your income for future expansion, you begin to create wealth. […]

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Network Marketing 101 – Recognizing an Opportunity

How do you recognize a good opportunity? Is it based on the product? How about the compensation plan? Or maybe it is the company. Together these three are usually referred to as PPC or product, plan, company. Some people say that PPC is not important. I beg to differ. Let’s talk about the product. Just […]

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For this post, I refer to meaning number four: any mixture, especially of unrelated objects, subjects, etc.  Specifically I will give a brief movie review and then some commentary about you, your words and your actions. If you are following this blog, you know that I am engaged in a Master Key Experience, documented under the Master Key tab. One of the exercises was […]

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