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2019 MKE Week 17

Charlie looking up.

Concentration noun the act of concentrating; the state of being concentrated. exclusive attention to one object; close mental application. something concentrated: a concentration of stars. Military the assembling of military or naval forces in a particular area in preparation for further operations. a specified intensity and duration of artillery fire placed on a small area. […]

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MKMMA 2016 Week 17 – Identification

The Power of IdentityHaanel tells us that most people have no concept of true concentration. I have to admit I was there. He likens concentration to the actor who so completely identifies with his role that the audience believes he IS that character. I used to view concentration as focusing on something outside of myself. […]

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MKMMA 2016 Week 10 – Cone You See It?

Imagination aid

Imagination Cone imagination. The first time I tried the visualization exercise, I absolutely could not see the lines, the circle, or the dot whether I had my eyes open or closed.  I wrote about it with (I thought) some humor. You may or may not agree. Then I tried this a second time through the course. […]

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MKMMA Week 17 – Concentration

Some Thoughts from Haanel The kind of deity which a man consciously or unconsciously worships indicates the intellectual status of the worshiper. . . . We of the 20th century worship a God of love in theory, but in practice we make ourselves “graven images” of “Wealth,” “Power,” “Fashion,” “Custom” and “Conventionality.” 17.10. Spiritual truth […]

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MKMMA Week 6 – The Photo and the Observer

focus target

This is the week that our old blueprint makes its last desperate attempt to derail us. Starting with the Sunday webcast when we learn we are to create a movie poster, to create signs to place around the house, to do a press release which is a future movie, and our mind goes “you can’t do […]

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