How to Survive and find freedom from the Rat Race!



street rat

How can you survive the rat race? The rat race is a struggle for survival.  Even if we win the rat race, does that make us just the biggest rat? How do we find freedom? How do we fight the forces of conformity? What is authenticity?


Rat with teddy bear


Suppose I just want to play with my teddy bear?  Is that so wrong? Who says what I should be? Who determines my value?

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The truth is we were made first class.  We have gold inside us. Pure gold, not the fool’s gold of some huckster.  You were born a champion.  That is literally true.


Swimmers start

The strongest, fastest swimmer from your father reached your mother’s egg. You won the race.  You are literally one in a million.

As you grew, society began to pound you and beat you into what “they” wanted you to be. Layers of cement began to obscure the gold within until you accepted what “they” said. Most people live lives of quiet desperation because they know they are not being true to themselves. This is a call for you to break free from that trap and discover the marvelous creature that you really are. Will you accept the call?
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Once you know who you truly are, you can arrive at your perfect place. It all starts with knowing your authentic core motives and Personal Pivotal Needs.  These are the reason you act like you do and the oxygen for your soul. The Master Key Experience will put you in touch with yourself. You will learn to do your own thinking.  You will find the truth and the truth will make you free.

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I hope to see you on your own Hero’s Journey soon.

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