MKMMA Week One – Again

Welcome to the Journal of my 2015 Master Key Experience.

Since this is my second time through, I am not as shocked by the time requirements as first-timers would be. You might be feeling the time pressure.  The first thing you notice is that the blueprint builder (BPB) tells you to spend 30 minutes thinking of the person you intend to become and ten developing self-confidence and Haanel wants a 30-minute sit. That’s an hour and 10 minutes before any readings or writing. The good news is the linkage between the Haanel task and the BPB.  The sit is where you spend the required 30 minutes thinking about the person you intend to become.  The reading of your Definite Major Purpose (DMP) and the Blueprint Builder is the ten minutes to develop self-confidence.

Reading out loud takes longer than reading silently, so the following are the most it should take you to do the readings. The first of the scrolls is the longest, so again, this is the upper limit of time. I read it aloud with enthusiasm, hesitate, emphasize and modulate (HEM) in nine minutes. If each reading took that long, you will spend 27 minutes on The Greatest Salesman in the World (GS).

Reading the BPB takes two and one half minutes. Two readings the first week will take five minutes.  Reading the DMP depends on how many words, but assuming it is 400 or less, should take about three minutes.  Three times a day would be nine minutes – let’s round to 10. (See the linkage to the BPB?)

The longest read will be from the Master Key System, but you can read most lessons aloud in under 15 minutes.  Yes, I know, that is a about one hour a day (54 minutes, to be exact) before the webinars. Seven hours a week for 26 weeks comes to 182 hours. Add in another four hours for the webinars each week and you get a little over a 100 more hours.  That is still less than two weeks out of the 26 weeks. Once you accept that and don’t resent it, you are on the right track.  Do the exercises because you know they will change your life, not just because they are required.

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