MKMMA Week 9 – Seeds Grow

My Seeds are Planted

The seeds for creative expression and true health were planted early in my life. As a youngster, I enjoyed drawing illustrated stories. You might call them comics, I was active in school plays and as a teenager, I formed my own acting company and produced and directed a play which actually turned a small profit. We rented a hall (actually it was donated to us as it wasn't otherwise being used.), sold tickets and I directed the play. 

At about 10 years old, I purchased a body-building course from Joe Weider and applied myself to the exercise regimen, sculpting a muscular body. I continued to exercise and dream about becoming an Air Force Office and flying a supersonic aircraft,​ I applied myself also in school and got consistently good grades. I did win an appointment (competitive process through my Congressman, whom I had never met) largely because of the extracurricular activities with the play.

Seeds Lie Dormant (sort of)

At the Academy, I participated in the Forensics team, but not the drama team. I was focused on obtaining a pilot training slot when (or, at some times, if) I graduated. I was an intramural boxer and football player, but not on the varsity. I did obtain a pilot slot and at the end of pilot training, obtained a slot to instructor school. As a T-38 instructor.

T-38 Talon

I spent 26 years in the Air Force, moving from T-38 instructor pilot to RF-4C pilot and then instructor pilot. During that time, I also lectured in several of the technical courses for the younger pilots. I also participated in short skits at parties.  The Air Force afforded me access to fitness training facilities and a running track, which I used.


Dominant Thoughts are Seeds

When we were asked to choose our Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs) and shown examples (True Health and Recognition for Creative Achievement), I made a decision to avoid those as I did not want to be a "copycat". Consequently, I chose Liberty and Autonomy (later changed to Helping Others and then to Legacy). I build a technically accurate Definite Major Purpose (DMP) based on those PPNs. As I tried to find the passion in the DMP, something just didn't feel right.

Seeing the Light

As a Guide to others in the Master Key Experience I had the opportunity to watch the development of some fantastic DMPs . I applied what I was telling the others to myself and encountered a Blinding Flash of the Obvious (BFO). Why had I resisted choosing the two PPNs that Mark J had mentioned? Well, I didn't want to copy him. Why not? How different from me was he? I am 40% Red and 32% Blue according to the color personality test.. Mark says he is not pure Red but has a lot of blue. Is it surprising that two similar personalities might have the same core motives (PPNs)? Obviously not, and the clues were right in front of me the whole time. From a child I wanted Recognition for the good things I had accomplished. I wanted it from my wife, my children, my supervisors, strangers. While I was still in high school, I had a radio program and was part of the President's Council on Fitness. HELLO!? Is that called a clue?

Haanel to the Rescue

In Lesson nine we have a visualization exercise of watching a flower grow from the seed to the full flower with its fragrance. During a sit I realized that this was a metaphor. Again I had missed the clues:

From the Preface to Part Nine

Your whims, your wishes, your fancies, your ambitions may be thwarted at every step, but your inmost thoughts will find expression just as certainly as the plant springs from the seed....Act is the blossom of thought, and conditions are the result of action...

So then, as more and more cement chips away from my Golden Buddha, I see that I desire above all else true health and recognition for creative expression. Every time my blog was not selected as the featured blog I felt a little pang. Now granted, my blog was not the most erudite, colorful, funny, entertaining or enlightening. So it did not deserve to be the featured blog, but that didn't stop the pain. As I watch my seed to grow to the flower, I see the metaphor of my true core motives growing to be magnificent edifices. I thought I was excited before, but I am certainly engaged now

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