MKMMA Jun 2014 – Week 1 – Act Now

The theme for this scroll (I will act now) is similar to the chant Mark had us doing for most of the course (Do it now).  Action is the one indispensable thing in growing anything, from grass to a business.  My thoughts may influence my actions, but only my actions do anything.  This blog post, for example, does not happen by itself.  I must touch the keys (or speak into the microphone) to get the words on the page.

Sometimes massive action seems more than one can do.  Then begin with simple steps.  For example, to write a post, begin with a word – any word – to get started.  Type “The” and see what comes next.  I set my posts to publish at a later date so that I can come back and edit them when the creative juices are flowing better.  Even a few words a day will soon add up to a complete post.

For network marketers, knowing who to call seems  a challenge.  Let’s assume you already have a list with which to work.  Decide who on that list is in your mentor group, who are your peers, and who consider you a mentor.  Your approach will be different with each group.  Your mentors and at least half of your peers do not consider you an expert in the business arena.  Freely admit to them that you are a novice, but that you have a friend who is quite successful and knowledgeable.  Ask them if they have the time to hear from your expert (your up line).  Your mentees  (people who look up to you) will already take advice from you, so tell them that you want them to hear from your friend about the business opportunity or direct them to a third-party explanation.  In either event, show them that there are resources outside of yourself to which they will have access.

Maybe picking up the phone is a challenge.  Practice picking up the phone by calling your up line support.  Call one or two and then press on with your list.  Baby steps will eventually take you where you want.  Pick up the phone and pretend you have someone on the line.  Rehearse your opening remarks.  Imagine a great conversation leading to the prospect looking at your opportunity.  Then do it.  Call someone.  Practice.  Call with your up line support   Let them do the talking after you introduce them.  Don’t sandbag someone.  Let them know up front that this is a business call and then catch up (if it has been a while since you spoke to them).  Be polite.  Imagine you receiving the call from you.  How would you like the caller to treat you?  Just do the same.  Focus on the prospect, not your business and just speak naturally.

Maybe you want to begin an exercise program, but running three miles a day is overwhelming.  Okay, walk a bit first.  Park away from the store and walk a little bit instead of looking for the closest space.  Maybe you want to do 50 push ups at one time.  Do one.  Then do another. After a bit, you can do two in a row without stopping.  And then three in a row and so forth.  But start with that first one.  The action counts.

You can be who you will to be.



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