MKMMA 2016 Week 8 – Imagination

Imagination vs Daydreaming

"Constructive imagination means mental labor, by some considered to be the hardest kind of labor. Daydreaming is a form of mental dissipation which may lead to mental disaster." Turning to the dictionary, we find the following interesting points. (I originally had a multi-column representation featuring all the definitions in the dictionary. It was way too much.


Psychology. a mental representation of something previously perceived, in the absence of the original stimulus. (like the photograph exercise)

an optical counterpart or appearance of an object, as is produced by reflection from a mirror, refraction by a lens, or the passage of luminous rays through a small aperture and their reception on a surface. (the Guy/Gal in the Glass)

a physical likeness or representation of a person, animal, or thing,photographed, painted, sculptured, or otherwise made visible. (Note that this definition has substance and can not only be seen but also touched.)

There are more definitions for image, but these interest me because they include the spectrum from physical object to purely mental image through the reflected.

Thoughts in the brain
mirror image
solid image


Psychology. the power of reproducing images stored in the memory under the suggestion of associated images (reproductive imagination) or of recombining former experiences in the creation of new images directed at a specific goal or aiding in the solution of problems (creative imagination)

the faculty of imagining, or of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses.

Haanel tells us that real imagination is hard mental labor. I concur. Daydreaming is much easier. But isn't that always the case? The genuine is infinitely more valuable precisely because it requires more effort.


For me, the challenge is to turn dreams into reality. Dreams are a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep, or the sleeping state in which this occurs. or an involuntary vision occurring to a person when awake. 

On the other hand, a vision voluntarily indulged in while awake is a daydream or reverie. According to Haanel, this is simply mental dissipation. 

I said all that to say this: Here are some images to help with the Battleship imagination exercise.

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