MKE 2019 Week 5

This week begins the challenge of having (not just expressing - having) no opinions.  It is a warm up for things to come and the members are embracing it. See here:

Empress Judith Smith

This week in The Master Key Experience, Master Mind Alliance, the stakes increase. The task, for the entire week: have no opinions - not spoken, nor thought about, don't even raise an eyebrow (yeah, that's an opinion). Well for someone like me who thinks, "I'm nonjudgmental anyway", would also think this should be easy. That is until I realized that MY opinions were flying everywhere! I appease my ego with labels like compliments, kindness or helpful (when others ask of course). Nevertheless, they're still opinions.

Gavin Johnson

So been a busy week this so far this week, we have been ask to not give opinions which is a lot harder to do then I thought it would be, but it is a really eye opener just being the observer. I know I will get better as the weeks go on, at the minute I’m stopping myself in mid sentence all the time as I start to give my opinion on something.

Adriel van der Westhuizen

I came to a HUGE understanding to what REALLY happens when your subby is left off guard, when you break good habits just for a day, setting yourself up for potential “ignominious failure”. Being overwhelmed by being lonely, I let unpleasant emotions and thoughts get the better of me. And the resistance came back as a Tsunami that brought a Hurricane for backup. One small thing led to another, and another, until I felt I was back where I was mentally and emotionally many years ago. Subby’s watchman had left the gate, and the old Blueprint took me on a night out to Old Town, just off highway Negative, on the corner of Doubt & Despair, to the Self Loathing saloon, where we drank “Give Up” shots chased with “Who Are You Kidding” beer.
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