I Am Finding Joe on My Hero’s Journey

In my other blog, I am commenting on the course I’m taking right now called the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. As part of that course, we watched three movies: Finding Joe, I Am, and The Hero’s Journey. The common element in all of them is the search for meaning in life or the search for a life of meaning. Joe Campbell was a researcher into the mythologies of the world. He found a common thread in all of them which he called the hero’s journey. In finding Joe, we were treated to various persons impression of Joe Campbell and the meaning of the hero’s journey. Using excerpts from Star Wars which is probably the most complete outline of the hero’s journey we are treated to insight.
The movie the hero’s journey features interviews with Joe Campbell himself and his discussions on the various philosophies and meanings of the hero’s journey stories. To me the most fascinating was the movie I Am by Tom Shadyac. All of these are available through Amazon.com.

We find that science is just now catching up with what religion has known all along. We are beings of energy and our energy transmits to other energy’s. We are sensitive to the electromagnetic fields generated by our hearts and not her brains. When we speak of heart, we don’t necessarily mean our blood pump.  We mean our soul, our spirit:  the core of us. That core yearns to be free to be the highest self and we can be.


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