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From Joan Campbell

Need To Implement A New Habit?

Habit definition, an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary

When I started using a cell phone for texting, I did the “hunt and peck” method to write a text.  Being a typist for many years that idea of “hunt and peck” a text went against everything I had learned in typing class.  To hunt for letters when the cell phone had a perfectly good typing keyboard.  (EXCEPT, the keys were too small for my fingers to easily fit the keys)

So the “hunt and peck” method was what I was forced to use.

Now my Daughter, lovingly, is trying to teach me to use an app where you slide your finger across the letters and it picks up my language and types a text.  Much faster, I must agree when I see her finger flying across the keys, but for me not so fast!  She promises that in time the text app will know what I want to say.  I certainly hope so because right now my swiping method needs some polish.  A new habit that requires me to put down the old method.

So how am I going to implement this new method of texting?  Practice, practice, practice until it becomes almost involuntary.  How long will that take me to make this new method a habit that replaces the hunt and peck method?  It depends entirely on me as to how much time each day I practice.

Some new habits take lots of practice but there are other ways to develop new habits.  Over the next couple of weeks, I intend to introduce you to several other methods that are equally effective.

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