Don’t Worry, Be Happy

There is a popular song by that title with a Jamaican beat. This one is an update on that same message:

there’s actually some scientific evidence that being happy is a cause rather than an effect. Most people are waiting for some condition to occur which point they will be happy. The problem is the goalposts often move. Enjoy this short video by Shawn Achor.

In case you didn’t want to use all the time necessary to watch the whole video, maybe you’re in a rush syndrome. But at any rate let me help you out. Here are the steps for happiness:

  1. Every day notice three things for which you are grateful. Write them down.
  2. Every day perform two random acts of kindness. It could be as simple as picking up some trash in front of a business or returning the shopping cart to its post. It could be as a extensive as perhaps purchasing the meal for the next person in line behind you. In this case, size doesn’t matter because you are training your brain.
  3. Write a one or two sentence description of a pleasant experience that you had.
  4. Exercise. This could be a short walk, climbing up the stairs, or an actual full workout at the gym.
  5. Sit quietly and allow your thoughts to become calm. Consciously slow down the frantic pace.

Enjoy the videos, apply the steps, read the book or simply have a great day.

Peace be your journey.

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