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Laugh – Your Body Will Thank YouLaugh and the world laughs with you. At least that’s what we are told. Whether that is true or not, there is science behind the Reader’s Digest section called “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” There is even a Bible quote to that effect in Proverbs 17:22.We are in scroll […]

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Trust Part 3

I Got This in the MailSee the claims for yourself. Can You Trust This? That would lead you to believe some new, never before seen technology had been developed by America’s top scientists (whoever they are), right?Here are the University Studies Read carefully what they claim. Can You Trust these Universities?Notice, they did not study the […]

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Top Tricks to Shed Pounds

Tricks Deserve a One Week TrialFor anything to really influence your life, it must become a habit. Only habits can replace other habits because of the Law of Growth, which states that whatever you think about grows. That is, thoughts become things. If you want to succeed at dropping unwanted pounds, take one of the […]

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The Power of Love

heart in hands

I am wondering how love would respond to the U.S. election.  One candidate won by a substantial majority. Supporters of the losing candidate rioted in the streets, they called in too sick to work, and even wept openly on TV. It is great that people show such passion for their candidates.  I’m currently involved in […]

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Making a Difference

Can Movies Make a Difference?The difference in people is amazing. One person lives out his convictions and another wonders how they did it. Mel Gibson made a difference with The Passion of the Christ, and then his rants, one seeming to cancel another. Now he seeks to provide a moral uplift again.In his latest film, […]

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