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2019 MKE Week Ten

We have seen that everything starts with a thought. Thought is the action of the mind. We have explored the working of the mind and worked to control it. First we sat perfectly still and let our mind wander wherever it would. Once we mastered the art of sitting physically still, we worked to still […]

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2019 MKE Week Nine Flowers

Apple Seeds

The Bible promises that “While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” (Genesis 8:22). It speaks of cycles. For this week, let’s consider seed time and harvest. You plant a seed and it grows. It always grows what you plant. […]

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2019 MKE Week 8

Tomahawk launch

This week is the second attempt at visualizing something specific. In this case, the construction of a battleship in reverse. If you have seen the movie Memento, you have an idea of the process.  First, see the battleship floating on the sea. Maybe it is launching a missile. Where did the ship come from? See […]

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2019 MKE Week 7

Visualization, Haanel tells us, is the important step in crafting your new reality. We have had a couple of visualization exercises up till now. One was to just look at a photograph for 10 minutes close your eyes and see it again. Another was to visualize a familiar place. This week we’re in a pleasant […]

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2019 MKE Week 6

The exercise this week is to study a photograph for ten minutes and then close your eyes and remember the details. This is training the imagination. Some people get this immediately. Others have challenges. Michael Rantisi Week 6 was a bit of a up and down for me. I had some challanges with my consistency […]

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MKE 2019 Week 5

Thoughts in the brain

This week begins the challenge of having (not just expressing – having) no opinions.  It is a warm up for things to come and the members are embracing it. See here: Empress Judith Smith This week in The Master Key Experience, Master Mind Alliance, the stakes increase. The task, for the entire week: have no […]

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MKE 2019 Week 4

Symbols collection

Week 4 of the Master Key Experience presents members with new challenges. They have begun to really define a Definite Major Purpose (DMP) based upon two Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs) and including SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed). They have completed three weeks of “chores” that are now “services” and have begun to establish great […]

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MKE 2019 Week 3

shouting blueprint

Listen to what these folks are saying. Michael Rantisi Week 2 was a interesting week. Had some temptations to go back to some old habits , but thank God I remembered what OG Mandino Mentioned in Scroll 1 and I was able to fight it off and push through it Very proud of that ! […]

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MKE 2019 Week 2

Members are digging and feeling swamped but enthusiastic. They are working on their Definite Major Purpose (DMP), which they will create over several weeks. The first week was practice putting into words what they want. For some it is the first time they have ever done that nad it can be scary. This second week, they […]

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MKE 2019 Week One

Source of ActionThe first concept covered in the Master Keys is that “everything starts on the inside.” Results depend on the actions you take. But the actions depend on what you believe. And what you believe depends on the emotions attached to your thoughts. And so it starts with your dominant thoughts.This is my first […]

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