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2019 MKE – Lesson 25

friendly doctor

Healthy Wealthy and Wise Most people associate that phrase with Ben Franklin. He published it in Poor Richard’s Almanac as “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” in the 1735 edition. It turns out that he did not coin this phrase. No matter, it has earned the status […]

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2019 MKE – Commencement

noun an act or instance of commencing; beginning: the commencement of hostilities. the ceremony of conferring degrees or granting diplomas at the end of the academic year. the day on which this ceremony takes place. For a few hundred members in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA), Sunday was Commencement Day.Image by McElspeth from […]

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2019 MKE Week 24

toy looking at dictionary

Similar Thoughts Haanel If you have practiced each of the exercises a few minutes every day, as suggested, you will have found that you can get out of life exactly what you wish by first putting into life that which you wish, and you will probably agree with the student who said: “The thought is […]

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2019 MKE Week 23

Bag of money

From Mr. Haanel In the part which I have the honor to transmit herewith you will find that money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence; that the law of success is service; that we get what we give, and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be […]

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2019 MKE Week 21

This week is especially important to me as it deals with prayer. Specifically, answered prayer. Mr. Haanel asserts that we live in an ordered cosmos and rules apply to everything. Knowing the rules helps us attach our “mechanism” properly to the Source of all Good. Consequently, if prayer has ever been answered, it will always be […]

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MKE 2019 Week 19

Cat by Computer

Haanel Part 19 Fear and Polarity Fear is a powerful form of thought. It paralyzes the nerve centers, thus affecting the circulation of the blood. This, in turn, paralyzes the muscular system, so that fear affects the entire being, body, brain and nerve, physical, mental, and muscular. Of course the way to overcome fear is […]

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MKE 2019 Week 18

Alert Cat

Haanel on Part 18 In order to grow we must obtain what is necessary for our growth. This is brought about through the law of attraction. This principle is the sole means by which the individual is differentiated from the Universal. … 24. In order to grow we must obtain what is essential for our […]

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