Week 5 MKMMA

Wow.  This is a blog without opinions.  How does that work? In the immortal words of Joe Friday:  “Just the facts. ma’am”. We have index cards to use on our journey.  I broke my four promises into two cards, so I have four cards: A movie trailer of my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) behind my […]

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Week 1 Master Key Adventure

What I did. Monday 30 September: Read Part one of the Master Key System. Read the Blueprint Builder out loud, Read Chapter 8 of The Greatest Salesman in the World twice silently and once out loud. Submitted first draft of my Definite Major Purpose. Tried to still for 15 minutes.  Moved after 10 minutes. Tuesday 1 […]

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ABC Primetime Investigation

This report aired in 2005 and is still the only positive report not funded by a company of any nutrient.  All nutritional companies have a video about their product.  Most of them are produced by the company with actors.  This was paid for by ABC News. Here is a doctor;s viewpoint. Most companies have clinical […]

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First Master Key Post

I am excited about beginning my journey with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance. Now I have been through the first webinar and have several conflicting thoughts.  I am a little concerned that I might not complete all the requirements, but I am hopeful that I can change my blueprint in time to complete the […]

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