2018 MKE Week 20 – Inspiration

Thoughts in the brain

InspirationInspiration is an interesting word.​ Notice the circular references in the dictionary definition. Must see the definition of inspire to understand. noun an inspiring or animating action or influence: I cannot write poetry without inspiration. something inspired, as an idea. a result of inspired activity. a thing or person that inspires. Theology a divine influence directly […]

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2018 MKE Week 17 – Symbols

Symbols collection

Symbols are everywhere – religious icons are symbols, universal pictographs are symbols, words are symbols for the thought behind them.  Symbols can be linked to abstract things. For example, this symbol represents love.This caduceus is a medical symbol.Scales represent the idea of justice…Many parks and trails have emblems that symbolize them.But even things like money and […]

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