My Definite Major Purpose

PPNs: True Health and Recognition for Creative Expression

True Health

It pleases me to love unconditionally, joyfully recognizing the divinity in all people. I am happy that I react to people and circumstances with grace. I gladly extend mercy to all. I am free to be who I intend to be and I happily give others that same freedom. I am grateful that the radiance of my love warms those around me. It gratifies me that my touch brings healing. It cheers me to bring kindness and joy to people. I engage easily with people because I love them and am interested in them. I am glad to be the leader other leaders follow.
I love my muscular body, weighing less than 195 pounds before 12-31-2018. I’m glad that I have freedom of motion and vitality, easily climbing stairs and walking a mile or more. I’m pleased that I am strong and powerful and look and feel 20 years younger than I am. I enjoy exercising 15 minutes daily, moving my limbs and my body. I love taking Protandim, and making healthy eating choices daily.
I love my wife and pets, showing them by time and attention that I care about them. I gladly listen to Pat’s plans and encourage her in them. I enjoy sitting with Charlie on my lap. It brings peace to my soul to be with my loved ones. I’m thrilled to be whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.
I zealously train my brain by reading at least 30 minutes daily and learning new computer skills weekly.

Recognition for Creative Expression

On or before 8-31-2019, I am joyfully producing animated videos. I happily invest one hour daily commenting on MKMMA blogs and using social media to attract new followers. Before 12-31-2019, I’m ecstatic to have 500 loyal YouTube subscribers
I’m excited to encourage and inspire people by my word pictures of a better future. I publish two best-selling books on or before 11-26-2019, and I am in demand as a featured speaker.
On or before 12-31-2020, I directly or indirectly positively impact the lives of over 1 million people. I personally and through my blogs and books and videos give people hope. I give practical ways to enhance their lives. I create a ripple effect by touching people’s lives who touch other lives. I am thrilled to be an inspiration for so many.
I always keep my promises.