2019 MKE Week 8

This week is the second attempt at visualizing something specific. In this case, the construction of a battleship in reverse. If you have seen the movie Memento, you have an idea of the process.  First, see the battleship floating on the sea. Maybe it is launching a missile. Where did the ship come from? See it being launched, perhaps being christened. Go further back. See the ship being assembled at a shipyard. Go further back. See the steel plates coming off the foundry. Go further back. See the ore being mined in a quarry. But how did the workers know what ship to assemble? It started in the mind of the engineer. Continue to trace the ship back into the order to build it, the appropriations from Congress, the voters electing the Congressmen. You are starting at the end and seeing all the way to the beginning. 

In the same way, the Press Release starts with the future result and traces back to the origin.

 Others have found different challenges:

Matt Hwang

It surely is not Easy, because we are so programmed from our 30 plus years of habits plus our Subby is constantly trying to protect us, in that survival mode and it Loves to comfortable. But with my DMP it is fervently , fighting back , little by little to create my Demand, I am learning to Master my millions of brain cells and have them do their Job but in my Favor by Speaking my DMP to it Everyday. I learned First from this course, that your subconscious mind has No Defense against your own Voice!! That was my secret , Now the Hard Mental Labor is what Most people forget or do not know what to do . By Taking Master Keys, I know the Exact steps to Master my subconscious , with My future Self.

Gavin Johnson

As we get deeper in to the the Master Key Experience, more and more magical things are happening, the dots are well and truly starting to join, with the new connections. One of my favourite songs is Imagine by John Lennon & Yoko Ono. I remember the first time I really listen to the lyrics and thinking what a wonderful world that would be to live in wouldn’t it? The part that really got my juices flowing 🙂 is “you may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one” because that’s how people described me over the years, as a dreamer and I thought I can’t be the only one because how else would things become things.

Raymond Kok

Once I became the observer I began to realise how many negative thoughts I have on a daily basis. Now the negative thoughts aren’t necessarily the problem as long as we replace the thought within 6 seconds. If we can…great. If not then we will have to restart the 7-day mental diet all over again. You see, the Bible even says that Jesus was tempted in every way that we were, yet without sin. Therefore, it shows that the thought isn’t the sin but what you do with that thought. Do you continue to think about it by feeding it with emotion? Do you act it out by saying or doing something you shouldn’t? If you do then you’ve given in to the thought.
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