2019 MKE Week 7

Visualization, Haanel tells us, is the important step in crafting your new reality. We have had a couple of visualization exercises up till now. One was to just look at a photograph for 10 minutes close your eyes and see it again. Another was to visualize a familiar place. This week we're in a pleasant surrounding with a familiar friend and telling him or her our life adventure.

  1. Idealization
  2. Visualization
  3. Manifestation


Before I try to see my ideal, I must define it. For me it is okay to write things down - words instead of pictures - words are in fact pictures and can draw them in someone else's or my own mind. I will make the pattern clear and beautiful, as Haanel states. I could also sketch out an idea. Oh wait, that is my movie poster.


The trick here is to see the picture more and more complete, to see the detail. Here comes more time in the chair. If I persist, the outline will take form. Haanel tells me that clearness and accuracy are obtained only by repeatedly having the image in mind. I must describe it so well that I can see it. I can do this.


But thought works no magic transformations; it obeys natural laws; it sets in motion natural forces; it releases natural energies; it manifests in your conduct and actions, and these in turn react upon your friends and acquaintances, and eventually upon the whole of your environment. You can originate thought, and,since thoughts are creative, you can create for yourself the things you desire.

Read about others this week.

Laura Hittesdorf

So many good assignments in week 7, it just keeps getting better and better! Much of this week, for me, has to do with clearing. I am clearing a path to deeper connection with Spirit. For me, staying connected to Spirit is everything. It enables me to have better relationships with other people and with myself. It enables me to stay connected with my dreams. It is the source of intuition, creativity and insight. It allows me to believe in myself and in others. It underlies everything.
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