2019 MKE Week Ten

We have seen that everything starts with a thought. Thought is the action of the mind. We have explored the working of the mind and worked to control it. First we sat perfectly still and let our mind wander wherever it would. Once we mastered the art of sitting physically still, we worked to still the mind. Then we began to train the mind with concentration and attention. We memorized a photograph. We sat with a friend. We followed a Battleship backwards to its ultimate origins. We watched a flower grow. We realized that we never really see an object, we see the image. Once we realized that, we were able to control the images in our mind. We were even able to see lines and squares and circles on a wall.

Here's are some thoughts on this subject:

Charles Haanel

8. But as the plant reaches down into the mineral world and touches it with the mystery of Life, so the Universal Mind reaches down into the human mind and endows it with new, strange, wonderful and even marvelous qualities. All men or women who have every accomplished anything in the world of industry, commerce or art have accomplished because of this process. 9. Thought is the connecting link between the Infinite and the finite, between the Universal and the individual. We have seen that there is an impassable barrier between the organic and the inorganic, and that the only way that matter can unfold is to be impregnated with life; as a seed reaches down into the mineral world and begins to unfold and reach out, the dead matter begins to live, a thousand invisible fingers begin to weave a suitable environment for the new arrival, and as the law of growth begins to take effect, we see the process continue until the Lily finally appears, and even "Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these". 10. Even so, a thought is dropped into the invisible substance of the Universal Mind, that substance from which all things are created, and as it takes root, the law of growth begins to take effect and we find that conditions and environment are but the objective form of our thought.

Daniel Deibert

Almost fully caught up, been working hard and also cutting up shapes, the room is under dream wall construction at the moment and it’s been a challenging week, we got a few days of snow since we had a huge snowstorm! Worst I’d seen in a while. Been visualizing mt kilimanjaro quite a bit this week it’s been popping up everywhere in my head, then I thought to myself why not manifest it being free? I’ll plan for it as if it wasnt but why not give it a go? I mean crazier things have happened right? I’m imagining myself with that kili warriors group since you have to hire porters, it’s a 6 day journey up kilimanjaro.
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Matt Hwang

How do we bring about the conditions we want ? By using the Law of Growth, by practicing the Cause in using our thoughts in a certain way , we can materialize the effects in the physical World. The other great thing I learned is that 2 things cannot exist in the same place at the same time ! I am really starting to understand this. Most people have more Fear and doubts about their Life, most people even stopped dreaming and setting Goals . In which, their Life is going backwards if they do not know about the Law of Growth !
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Dayna Kneeland

This week I had a significant insight about my true purpose and an incorrect way I have been thinking. When I started reading the introduction to lesson 10 I realized how much I still console myself with explanations and excuses and the subtle opinions I carry within me floated up into greater awareness. The first time I read the lesson I got a pit in my tummy. I read it the next day and found myself wanting to skim over the content while a subtle orchestra of opinions quietly fired in the background, “I’ve got this, I know this already, OK so I have a little block…who doesn’t, it will be clearer tomorrow, it will go away in time, it is part of who I am, there are reasons I have this block, it’s because I need to follow my intuition….it’s because I am an artist…it’s because I am a blue…it’s because I have a health challenge…it’s because I’m grieving a significant loss…it’s because of what I have been through…it’s because of the way the world is…it’s because…it’s because…it’s because…”. I saw the pattern of opinions in front of me doing it’s dance. I went to bed. I read it the next day and it sunk in a bit deeper and my curiosity piqued, “What is this text really saying and why am I having such a strong reaction to it?”.
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