2018 MKE Week 19 – No Webinar

Last week, I posted about an epiphany regarding judging. We seem to be endlessly judging others and ourselves. This week we brave the new world of not having a webinar. So, I looked around at some other thoughts. I present them here for your review and pleasure. I have included links to the full posts should you want to explore them.


I have been really noticing the Kindness that happens around me lately. I work as a Service Adviser at a GM Dealership so I am in a position to see the kindness that is in people a lot more than the average person. When I approach, I am saying to myself “I address her and say I Love You.” It sounds so strange in my head but I say it anyway and I have to keep myself from laughing. It brings a huge smile to the faces of the people that I am dealing with and to me as well. It is hard to imagine that this small statement , said to myself, would have such a big impact on everyone involved. I still have to still think about doing this but I know that thru repetition it will become automatic.


A good rule of thumb is this: whatever you default to when you’re procrastinating is a giant clue as to where your interests and passions lie. When you honour your true calling you’ll love what you do, and as a reward for your intelligence and resolve, you too will never work another day in your life! [Interestingly enough, if I’m avoiding doing erroneous chores or things I dread such as filing my taxes or cleaning toilets, I turn to writing.]


People often take life for granted and not realize that you have to take every day as a day that has been given to you. We tend to think too much about the everyday grind of life and not sit down and think what if this is our last day on Earth? I think we should from time to time pause and realize what we should be grateful for. That is what OG Mandino talks about in his book, on how we have to be grateful for everything and think life is not forever and put your full effort in whatever you do all the days you live.


The Master Keys: Thought is the invisible link by which the individual comes into communication with the Universal, the finite with the Infinite, the seen with the unseen. Thought is the magic by which the human is transformed into a being who thinks and knows and feels and acts. In order to grow we must obtain what is essential for our growth, but as we are at all times a complete thought entity, this completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give; growth is therefore conditioned on reciprocal action, and we find that on the mental plane like attracts like, that mental vibrations respond only to the extent of their vibratory harmony.


I am natures greatest miracle! I give myself permission to be happy and the courage to take the hero’s journey. I really loved the clip about Aimee Mullins and her journey. It was so cool how she had the children come in without any influence from the adults so they can explore on their own for a few minutes. She had with her, for the kids to explore, some of her prosthetic legs. She talked about how kids are naturally curious about what they don’t know and learn to be frightened of differences when an adult influences them to behave that way. Wow! Her point of being there was so to have the children look and explore. “It is in our humanity and all the potential within it that makes us beautiful” Aimee Mullins


I love that I was able to grab one of many piles of cards and flash through all the accomplishments and gratitudes that I write down every day. In feeling slightly like I might to a toddler trip, I am able to grab them and remind myself that I have quite a lot to be happy about and that God’s got this! I have set my goals with my DMP and He sets the steps. I must have faith each day. My faith will block out the fear of running into the table or falling down.


As each week I am thinking about a character trait that I want to grow in my life and my word for this week was enthusiasm, I thought I should start by looking up the definition. Enthusiasm = “Intense and eager enjoyment, interest or approval. A thing that arouses feeling of intense and eager enjoyment.” Since the scriptures are really important to me, I decided to look up verses with enthusiasm in them to see what God says about it. I only found 2 verses and especially liked this one in 2 Corinthians 9:2. “… You in Achaia were ready to give; and your enthusiasm has stirred most of them to action.” I like how the result of their enthusiasm was stirring others to action – certainly a goal of mine!


Concentrate on Realities of Life, In Harmony with Natural’s Law. Kindness,Observation and offering a hand of support.
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