2018 MKE Week 17 – Symbols

Symbols are everywhere - religious icons are symbols, universal pictographs are symbols, words are symbols for the thought behind them. 

Symbols can be linked to abstract things. For example, this symbol represents love.

heart in hands


This caduceus is a medical symbol.

Scales represent the idea of justice...

symbol of justice

Pacific Coast Trail Emblem

Many parks and trails have emblems that symbolize them.

But even things like money and houses and cars can be symbols. Haanel cautions us not to confuse the symbols with real objectives. This lesson hit me differently each year I participated in the Master Key Experience. You can journey down memory lane with me below.

This week we are told to look for the difference between the symbols and the reality. For the exercise this week we were to work on concentrating. According to Haanel, there should be no conscious effort or activity associated with the purpose. We are to relax completely, to avoid any thought of anxiety as to results. We are to let the thought dwell upon the object, until it is completely identified with, until we are conscious of nothing else. For that reason, I thought it useful to look up the word concentrate and see what dictionary.com had to say about it.
Both Jesus and Haanel agree that the spirit of truth is within you. Your subconscious is connected to the infinite source of wisdom, truth, and power. So then, why do I sometimes feel so lost? Is it because I don’t fully concentrate on the truth of the indwelling infinite? Am I afraid to believe that I’m all-powerful? Does that seem sacrilegious?
What do I mean by that? Simply if there is a defect or shortcoming in your life, Don't waste time by trying to overcome them. According to the Law of Growth, whatever we think about grows. We attract it to us. So if we think about the defect, we make it stronger. The solution is to become identified with the positive opposite, to concentrate so intently that you are conscious of nothing else. Haanel tells us in Lesson 17 that concentration does not involve mental effort. It is simply identification with the ideal.

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